Saturday, October 14, 2000

ok now that i have started and it hasnt erased my blog that took me forever to write.....I'm Amanda , i'm in the 8th grade, at Ramay Jr. High , i'm a cheerleader for my school ,pretty atletic, kinda tan , short , memeber of the court baby!,
(no i'm not in jail or anything like that), I love my school, i live in fayetteville , Arakasas ,.......... No i am not a hick and i wear shoes! , so does everyone else here!!!!!!!!!!!! , i live out in the country in a very pretty place with 92 acres of land, we have horses , a donkey, cats, dogs, and fish ( we own 3 ponds) well anyway i g2g ttyl , thanks for listening to this! lol
hey testing 123 testing lol this is a test blog right now